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Looking for companies that clean out attics? Consider Landmark Junk Removal, your locally owned and operated junk removal business.


Where do you store old clothes, boxes, and other keepsakes? If you’re like many other people in our Fort Wayne community, you put these things in the attic! However, a storage space is only useful if it’s manageable and convenient. Once it becomes cluttered, it’s more of a headache than anything else. Need help sorting out this mess? Then Landmark Junk Removal has the attic clean out services in the Fort Wayne Area that you’ve been looking for!

People all throughout the region have come to trust our junk removal services, and we’d like you to be our next satisfied customer. With our assistance, you won’t even have to lift a finger to get rid of attic junk. Instead, just let us know what needs to go, and we’ll make it go. It’s easy, it’s quick, and it’s affordable, too!

Why Landmark Junk Removal?

There are many businesses out there that handle junk removal projects. Why, then, should you specifically choose Landmark Junk Removal? One of the things we have that sets us apart from the rest is our status as a local business. Other companies are by-the-books franchises that charge you extra so they can afford to be part of a national brand. However, we’re home-grown here in the Fort Wayne Area. We operate by our own rulebook that’s custom-tailored to the area, and best of all, we offer you better prices because we don’t have franchise fees to pay.

Is your attic in a disastrous state? No worries. We’re experts when it comes to sorting through junk and hauling it away. In fact, we can help you pop open each and every box in your attic, determine what needs to go, then get rid of the clutter for good! Any items you want to get rid of that are still in good condition will be donated to charities like the Habitat for Humanity ReStore, too.

How Attic Junk Removal Services Work

  1. First things first, we’ll arrive right on time for your attic clean out appointment. You can count on us to be there within the 2-hour arrival window.
  2. Next, show us everything you’d like to get rid of so we can estimate the volume of the junk we’re going to haul away. This lets us prepare an upfront quote.
  3. If you approve our quote, we can get to work shortly afterwards. It won’t take our professionals long to remove all the junk from your attic!
  4. Finally, after double-checking to ensure we got everything, we’ll accept your payment before heading out of there. Now you can enjoy the rest of your day in peace!

Attic Furniture Removal in the Fort Wayne Area

If you thought moving that furniture into your attic was a doozy, wait until you try getting it down! Better yet, you could skip the process altogether and let our crew handle it for you. Whether you’re lucky enough to have stairs leading to the attic or you only have a ladder, we can make it happen. Our team is capable, strong, and especially willing to help you with this difficult work. We’ll carefully maneuver the furniture out of the attic, and we’ll be sure not to bang the walls or floors while hauling the furniture out the door. Easy does it!

About Us

Landmark Junk Removal is the junk removal business that loves the community! Part of the reason why we eagerly haul away junk is because it helps keeps our homes and neighborhoods tidy and nice-looking. Additionally, it gives us to chance to meet the people who do good in our community. We’re especially thankful for our veterans, teachers, medical staff, and police, which is why we provide them with a 10% discount on all services. Schedule now and be our neighbor today!



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