Fort Wayne Area Eviction Clean Outs

Our eviction clean out services make it easy to remove the junk from a recently evicted property. Contact Landmark Junk Removal, and we’ll help you with this project ASAP.


Fort Wayne is a popular city, and as such, there are many rental properties available for people to live in. However, any breach of trust between a tenant and a landlord can result in an eviction. When this happens, the landlord will need to find someone that can handle eviction clean out services for them. Does this sound like your current predicament? If so, contact Landmark Junk Removal for the clean out help you are looking for! We can even serve you as soon as today or tomorrow.

Why Us For Eviction Clean Up Services

If you have an evicted property on your hand, you probably need to remove all the junk quickly! Because of this, you’ll need to find a junk removal business that can help you as soon as possible. The good news is that Landmark Junk Removal fits the bill perfectly! Our same-day and next-day eviction clean out services are available to landlords and property managers all through the Fort Wayne area!

Not only can we serve you fast, but we can serve you for an affordable cost, too. Our eviction clean out prices our inexpensive because they are volume-based. In other words, the amount of junk we remove for you determines what you owe us. We won’t add hidden fees to your final bill, either, so wipe that sweat off your forehead. Your wallet is safe!

The Eviction Clean Out Process

  1. We understand that you’re short on time, and that’s exactly why we will strive to be there exactly when you need us to be. We are never late.
  2. Let our crew know about all the eviction junk you need us to remove. Then, please accept our upfront service quote. It reflects the final cost of our services.
  3. Our team will be happy to haul all the junk to our truck! You won’t have to lift any of the junk, so feel free to do something else while we finish the job.
  4. Finally, we will accept your payment, then dispose of the junk once we leave. Thanks for choosing Landmark Junk Removal!

Furniture Removal Services in Noble County, IN

When tenants are evicted, they don’t always take all their things with them. In fact, we’ve encountered many cases where old, broken furniture was left behind at the property. This furniture effectively becomes the landlord’s problem. However, it is unlikely the landlord will be able to remove this furniture on their own. This is exactly why we provide full-service furniture removal! Our crew is very used to hauling around heavy furniture, including sofas, bed frames, entertainment centers, and more.

Lead us to the furniture, and we’ll haul it away in a flash. We have multiple team members, meaning we’ll keep a tight grasp on your furniture, and we will exercise caution so we don’t knock it against any walls, either. It won’t be long before the furniture is off your property and inside of our truck instead!

About Landmark Junk Removal

There are many businesses out there that provide junk removal services, but there’s only one Landmark Junk Removal. We are a locally owned and operated business that is proud to serve our neighbors. In fact, we do a lot more than just estate clean out services. We also help local businesses and residents when they need to part ways with unwanted clutter. We even offer a ten-percent discount to our community heroes, including veterans, schoolteachers, medical staff, and police officers. It’s just one of the ways we give back to the community that has given so much to us!



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