Carpet Removal

Among all the companies that remove carpets, you can receive the best, most affordable service by choosing Landmark Junk Removal!


Landmark Junk Removal is the carpet removal company you can rely on. Our staff want to serve you right, and they want to do it for a great price, too—so what’s not to like?

  • Local. We are owned and operated in Fort Wayne, IN.
  • Fast. Check out our same-day and next-day appointments!
  • Friendly. We remove your carpets with smiles on our faces.

Our Carpet Removal Services

Removing the carpets from your floors can be exhausting work. Haven’t you had a hard enough week already? It’s time you took a break and let us serve you instead!

  • When you bring our team to help, you can count on us to do all the work. Removing carpets from the floor is easy for us, even when the tack strips are acting up.
  • Once we have removed all the carpets, we’ll roll them up and load them onto our truck. Don’t want the tack strips? Then we can take those off your hands as well.
  • Carpet disposal and carpet recycling are no problem for us! Leave the dump trips to us so you don’t ever have to step foot inside of the Fort Wayne Landfill.

Carpet Removal Cost

How do we determine our prices? Let’s walk through our process together.

  • Fair pricing factors. We charge you for our labor, dump fees, and the volume of carpets taken away.
  • Always upfront quotes. We’ll always tell you what you owe us from the start so you don’t have to worry.
  • No hidden fees. Instead of saddling you with surcharges, we disclose all fees from the start.
  • Support local! By choosing us, you support a small business and your local economy!


  • Electronics and TVs
  • Clothing and Toys
  • Barbecue Grills
  • Bagged Trash
  • Recyclables
  • Old Decorations
  • Exercise Equipment
  • Play Equipment
  • Cabinets and Shelves

How Carpet Removal Works


If you can’t stand looking at those old carpets any longer, don’t wait… book today! You can either contact us online or give us a call at 260-710-1052.


Once we have arrived, and once you have accepted our upfront quote, we will strip the carpets off the floor, roll them up, and haul them away.


Finally, we will take the carpets away for disposal. We will recycle them unless they are too dirty. Only then will we throw them out instead.



From Auburn and Huntertown to Huntington and New Haven, we are the company that can help you get rid of old carpets. See all of our service areas.

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