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For professional fence removal services in the Fort Wayne area, get in touch with Landmark Junk Removal. Our junk removal and demolition experts can get the job done to your complete satisfaction!


There are many homes, businesses, and commercial properties that are surrounded by fences. This is true in Fort Wayne just as much as it is anywhere else. However, as time passes, these fences can begin to deteriorate and show their age. Sometimes, you might just feel the need to get rid of a fence for the sake of opening up your property. Whatever the reason is that you need our fence removal services, we are happy to help. Landmark Junk Removal will serve you right!

What kind of a fence do you need get rid of? A wood fence? A chain-link fence? Something else? No matter what your fence is constructed of, we can disassemble and demolish it in a flash. Then, we’ll clean up the debris and get out of there. We finish our work fast so you can get back to the rest of your day ASAP!

Why Our Fence Removal Services?

Removing fence posts can be a difficult job for beginners. If you don’t have the experience necessary to remove your own fence, you’re going to want to reach out for help. However, this problem isn’t solved if you pick an inexperienced fence removal crew! Skip all the amateurs and go straight to Landmark Junk Removal, a fully trained and insured team that is well-acquainted with working with our hands. We have torn down many fences before, so it’s a sure bet we can make short work out of yours. We won’t hurt ourselves, and we won’t act clueless or confused, either. Instead, we’ll just remove your fence with no complaints and no hassles!

Are you curious about our fence removal cost? You’ll be relieved to know that our prices are fair and affordable! Generally, when we provide our customers with junk removal services, we charge them based on the volume of junk we take off their hands. For demolition services, we will also add a labor charge on top of this. However, you’re still looking at an inexpensive cost for a crew that does all the work for you. We never charge hidden fees, either!

Scheduling fence removal services in the Fort Wayne area is easy. Either contact us online or call us at 260-710-1052 to let us know you’ve got a fence that needs to go. Then, choose a time and date for your appointment. We will be there soon to make your unwanted fence disappear!

How Fence Removal Works

  1. We can’t get to work until we arrive, and you can count on us to arrive on time. In fact, we’ll give you a phone call when we’re on our way.
  2. Show us the fence so we can decide how to disassemble it. Then, approve our upfront service quote to acknowledge and accept our asking price.
  3. Our team will disassemble the fence, then take all the debris to our truck for immediate load-up. There won’t be a trace of your fence left behind!
  4. Finally, we will dispose of the fence debris. Thanks for choosing Landmark Junk Removal, and we hope you enjoy the space we reclaimed for you!

Removing Chain Link Fences

If you are operating a business, such as a warehouse, a car lot, or a store, you might have a protective chain link fence surrounding the property. However, when this fence has seen better days, how can you get rid of it? By calling Landmark Junk Removal, of course!

What does it take to remove a fence made out of chain links? To remove the chain mesh from the posts holding it up, we’ll need tools such as wrenches and screwdrivers. Fortunately, we always bring these along, and we even have power tools if those nuts are proving to be tough to crack. So, we’ll detach the chain link from the posts, then ravel it up and load it onto our truck. Then, we’ll remove the metal posts from the ground. What happens to all these metal components? We will recycle them when possible because we are an eco-friendly company that wants to reduce waste!

About Us

Landmark Junk Removal strives to be the reference point for junk removal in the Fort Wayne area. How do we accomplish this? Simple—by providing fast, friendly service, affordable prices, and giving back to the community whenever we can. For example, we provide a 10% discount for our community heroes, including veterans, school teachers, medical staff, and police personnel. For everyone else, you’ll still receive the great service we’ve become known for in our community. Whether you need fence removal services or something else, we’ll serve you with a smile. Delighting you is what we’re all about!



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